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Birdwatching: Clarence and the Crow

Birdwatching: Clarence and the Crow

Plus: Tennessee's House is a mess, and the astrology of change

vol. 2 Episode 33

Starcatcher. Credit: Anleka.


I love crows. And they love me back. When I lived in Washington, there were three crows that would visit me each morning as I sat on the roof of my apartment building with my coffee, enjoying a moment of peace, looking out over the Potomac and across Virginia’s verdant horizon.

There was one crow in particular who befriended me, named me, and claimed me as his own. I know this because he would make a particular cawing sound just for me. And, whenever I would walk the short distance into the center of neighboring Bethesda, he would sometimes find me on the path, and would swoop down to say hello. Sometimes he would follow along overhead, like a stray dog (not an airborne one), until I was at my destination.

I named him Plenty, for the famously courageous Crow Indian Nation chief, Plenty Coups, which can be translated roughly as “very brave” or similarly, “many victories”.

Now that I have decamped from DC, I find that of all the things I miss the most, my morning corvidae conferences are among them.

Why do I tell you this?

Well, consider how special it might make you feel if a member of the animal kingdom with the power to do something you can’t, in this case, fly, were to choose you as its special human. I certainly felt special. And to ensure the bond would strengthen, I brought my friend and his chums bits of chocolate cake doughnuts that I purchased at the local Whole Foods just for them.

My crow friend, Plenty, telling me about his latest adventure in July 2016. Credit: The Author.

And now consider that a steady and growing stream of information is beginning to flow about the special relationship Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas has had for a quarter of a century with a certain Harlan Crow.

Crow himself is a rare bird in that he happens to be a billionaire. Just as most urbanites can’t claim a special friendship with a wild bird, it would seem odd that a Supreme Court Justice can claim one (well, hide it but still have it) with a billionaire, but that has turned out to be the case.

My relationship with Plenty took time and attention to develop. I imagine Justice Thomas’s and Mr. Crow’s did, too. Maybe Justice Thomas carries bits of sweet treats in his robes in order to hand feed Mr. Crow. Maybe it’s the other way around.

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My relationship with Plenty was worth it to me because it was thrilling to have access to a creature who was above my stature, in so many ways, and who had chosen me as his special human. Maybe he had other special humans, I’ll never know. Maybe Mr. Crow has other special justices. Perhaps — he is a known collector, after all.

If so, that is something I think we will indeed know in time. I have faith.

The time in my life when Plenty and I first became friends was when Pluto was in my 6th house, raking my sun to shreds and speaking tensely with Uranus who had already had a bracing conversation with Saturn in my 9th. So, you know: surprising encounters with animals that led me to deeper considerations of my role in the greater scheme of the cosmos and how best to serve it, was in order.

Elisabeth's weekly forecast

Which is to say, as you listen to this podcast, Episode 33, where Elisabeth and I discuss how a new development in quantum mechanics reinforces what we’ve been reporting from the beginning, namely, that everything we think we know is probably wrong, and definitely worth interrogating, as well as our discussion on the astrological implications of the timing of these Crow-Clarence discoveries, don’t despair! Don’t become muddled with rage.

Consider, as we also discuss the recent fascist fracas in the Tennessee State House, how to bring dark power into the light (the meaning of the name Clarence, after all, is “bright and clear”).

Look for the unexpected ways you are already chosen to be the special one by the messengers of the ensouled universe who live in your own neighborhood, because that is where the point of power — your power — resides.

The stars are guiding the way. We have Pluto in Aquarius, the sign that signifies that there is a power that flows through people, not gets stuck at the top where power is parsed and meted out from the top down in (my home sign) Capricorn. Other planetary patterns, too. We discuss them in this episode.

Plus, we give you the forecast for next week’s big kick-off to eclipse season.

Be well. Fly with good flocks.


xxWhitney (and EG, too!)
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