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When will Israel CTFO*?

When will Israel CTFO*?

Our predictions for the region over the next two years

vol. 2 Episode 45

Trinity. Credit: Tobias Roetsch at deviantart.


It’s hot, hot, hot.

Israel is hot. The US is hot. Bidenomics is hot. Trumpaganza in court is hot.

We keep it hot in this episode, even though we acknowledge there is blue sadness in the air with the death of Sinéad O’Connor, and the cold crush of Saturn moving in on Mitch McConnell.

Elisabeth has a thorough and thoughtful astrological analysis of the current political unrest in Israel, offering her forecast for the next two years covering that region.

We also discuss WT(actual)F is up with the new public school curriculum about slavery in Florida, where lion-headed bunnies have overtaken the streets right on time for Venus retrograde, plus a brief but informative technical discussion on the nature of cazimi planets, such as Venus will be soon.


We didn’t actually cover the lastest indictment against the felonious former US president Trump in Episode 45, in part because we had wrapped before he got rapped (again), but also because I am sick of him sucking up all the oxygen. He’s a crook. We know it. Let justice be done, and I have faith, because the stars suggest it, that it will. In his case anyway.

Astrology aside, odds are good in Justice’s favor, considering that at this point, with the latest revelations that Trump tried to erase security footage of his theft of national security documents, there are now 40 federal charges against the Don, this time indicating, gasp!, a cover-up of how the man was trading on our lives to enrich himself and I suppose, his secret backers.

I do want to note, however, that as per usual in these Pluto Capricornus times, it’s the little guy being made to take the fall for the Big Guy, but with Pluto at the 29th all-or-nothing degree, this might just prove how the Big Guy collapses once and for all. And I do mean, for all.

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Off the Charts: A Stellar Newscast
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