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Science is to cause as Tarot is to meaning

Science is to cause as Tarot is to meaning

In conversation about the 'Unus Mundus' with Harvard Classicist T. Susan Chang

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“Resolve must balance with surrender; should action stall, return to sender!” Credit: T. Susan Chang.



Welcome to the third in a series of special co-production podcasts with docu-mental: mapping the american states of mind. This time, I am in conversation with renowned Tarotista, T. Susan Chang.

Susie, as she is known within the oracular community, opens our discussion about how the Tarot, with its 78 images of the archetypal and the mundane, can help us live a better life for ourselves and contribute more profoundly yet simply as citizens, with a reference to the Jungian concept of the ‘unus mundus’, or “one world.”

But first, we discuss how this Harvard-trained classicist came to be among the world’s most venerated “cross-over” experts on the Tarot and its connections to classical mythology.

My take-away from this bit of our chat is that when a democracy wants to, it sure can pump out some mighty fine thinkers from its public education system. Listening to this podcast is worth it just to hear Susie’s recollections of what it was like to attend a suburban New York high school in the 80s, where immigrants and dissident exiles were gathered together in one community (perhaps a foreshadowing of the “one world” we then go on to discuss).

If you’re not interested in the Tarot, or aren’t even sure what it is, no worries. We explain it, but either way, you will enjoy hearing how this critical thinker considers how to make meaning and metaphor from the stuff of life with or without the Tarot, and how you can, too.

It doesn’t require a deck of cards with 78 images, but a willingess to pause, observe, and be in relationship with each moment of your life.

However, if you are interested in using the Tarot, Susie and I discuss how to do so with courage — because meeting the Universe on its own terms takes just that — and brio. We also talk about how the Tarot helps us bridge the gap between our waking lives and our dream time where we spend at least a third of our lives.

We end our discussion where we began, with a reverie of what it is to be part of one collective whole, a common world of common thought and common emotion, even common evil, and what the implications of that are for us as individuals.

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