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As Pluto pulls up to the bumper:

As Pluto pulls up to the bumper:

An exploration of our individual relationship to financial debt


Debt collector Furor
Debt Collector Furor. Credit: SoulWing98


Not for nothing, as they say in New Jersey, that as transiting Pluto squats atop the United States’ natal Pluto, do we see our government descending into chaos.

Pluto is classically associated with descent and chaos, as well as with debts and riches.

The God of the Underworld is also bringer of the utter destruction of what does not work, what hasn’t worked for some time, and what will definitely not serve anyone’s higher minded best interests as a new future takes root.

And so it is with our US government; it can no longer function. Putting aside the loftier questions about the veracity in theory and practice of our Constitution, the actual impracticality of our government is due to our lawmakers’ inability to agree who should have access to what resources, ,and to how much of them.

It leaves us to wonder, Who is indebted to whom and to what degree? And why?Also, who is funding those commitments?

Pluto will cease its current perceived reverse motion on October 10 in the Americas. After that, it will pull away from the degree of the US’s natal Pluto, not to return for approximately another 250 years. What is Pluto clearing out with this last flush?

That is where I want to focus our attention this week, but taking it to a much deeper, more personal level.

On this special episode (the last of the for a while, as there is a new segment begining soon — see below for more on that), I interview debt counseling specialist, Marie Megge. We have a look at our credit card and other debt, why and how the system has placed us in a situation where we are virtually crippled if we do not take on the debt, and we ask whether this system is working anymore for us, for the nation, for anyone. And if it does work for some, then what is our role in their successful use of our debt?

Best of all, if you are feeling the crush of debt, my guest can offer you hope for how to get out from underneath that rock.

Thank you for your patronage

Thanks to everyone who voiced their thoughts, mostly in private which I thought was interesting, about the end of Off the Charts. With one exception, the feedback was disappointed but decidedly suportive.

I promise that the new content will be just as intriguing, even if very different in tone. My plan is to unveil it to you at the New Moon, but I will tell you generally that it will combine astrology with my experiences in my “previous” life as a mental health policy reporter and academic psychiatry journal editor.

My aim is to indeed empower you with tools for facing the future as our national political discourse has, in my estimation, disintegrated to the point of there being no point in trying to resucitate it. As I have said on a couple of episodes of OTC before, democracy is dead. It is.

What’s next?

What will come after this implosion of ideals? I think something better. It will look more like democracy, but it will start from within each of us.

I am tired of being harangued with the VOTE OR DIE noise. We know that is not longer true; many of us do vote and while it does effect change, it’s not enough. It’s too easy to find yourself in the voting booth because you feel like you must identify with the “good people”.

But that’s lazy.

Voting without first cleaning out our own internal cobwebs is pointless. It still is you being manipulated. And while I am a proponent of fate beign just as powerful in our lives as fortuen (choice), you can’t make your fortune if you don’t come to terms with your fate. So, are you really voting consciously or are you doing what you’re told?

That is Pluto’s actual lesson to each of us: don’t look to others to clean up the dog shit on the curb, when it’s your own dogs you haven’t trained.

So! I will be exploring how you can immediately use your chart and the patterns within it to reach beyond the conclusions of the mental health industry. I will be creating case studies to compare how astrology sees what the mental health “experts” need of your time, power, money, and attention to do for you.

I am not saying abandon your respective courses of treatment, but you probably long ago concluded you needed help, couldn’t get it, and now you have an app.

I hope to give you more insight than AI, but gosh, have you noticed that AI is actually pretty darn effective? More than I ever realized. So, with what is to come from the Ensouled Universe, plus what you’re already doing, I hope to empower you to stay home with your dogs before you unleash the hounds on the world.

Best of all you won’t need prior approval from a third party insurer to access the wisdom of your own gods and light patterns.


PS: I will update the art and logo by then, too!

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News from the Ensouled Universe
Off the Charts: A Stellar Newscast
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