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What does 'power to the people' really mean? And, how might it be possible?

What does 'power to the people' really mean? And, how might it be possible?

In conversation with astrologer Cassandra Tyndall about Pluto in Aquarius

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Astrologer Cassandra Tyndall.


You would not be wrong to count me among the astrologers who have proclaimed the ingress of Pluto into Aquarius as a time when power will shift to the people.

But what the heck does that mean, and if power isn’t already with the people, where is it then? And how did power get where we aren’t the ones who have it?

In this conversation with Australian astrologer, Cassandra Tyndall, I explore these questions and get Cass’s fresh, frank take on the Plutonic potentials for people to liberate themselves from trauma, from mind control, and from empire.

First things first, according to Cass: we must reckon with the ghosts that are returning, the pain points of colonialism, the secrecy hidden at the top of trickle-down templates. But also, we must admit our inability or unwillingness or both to take personal responsibility.

The problem, says Cass: “People aren’t ready to be challenged, yet.”

To that end, you might be surprised to hear our respective views on the cosmological underpinnings of “cancel culture” and how the next two decades of Pluto in Aquarius might not be as rosy and calm as some astrologers — myself included — have initially proclaimed. This conversation offers a peek at a recalibrated calculus of the steps we must dance if we’re to obtain the freedom we seek.

I am still certain we will get there, “there” being a place where we are liberated from our conditioned responses to see each other as other, and will instead just grow the f*ck up and get on with kindness and innovation, not anger and blame.

More likely, it will take these next 20 years to till and seed the ground for Pluto in Pisces when universality will be the astro-tone.

And we will then be ready to responsibly handle the power we say we want.

The inspiration for this interview comes from a YouTube video Cass released earlier this year, where she challenged the prevailing astrology community to reconsider that Pluto in Aquarius will not be all that we have thought, but will instead force us to confront the tremors of feudalism. It’s something we address in this interview.

This is a longer than usual podcast, and yet there was so much more we could have explored. Thankfully, Cass has agreed to return later this year. I hope you will be as excited as I am to welcome her now and in the near future to deliver her take on the news from the Ensouled Universe.

To learn more about Cassandra’s work:

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Substack is offering me the option to try a transcript of this talk. I am going to use it, cautiously, because if ever I have had prototypical Mercury in retrograde problems in producing my podcasts, this was the week that kicked my ass. You will hear it in the production of my audio (Cass’s is brilliant, mine not so much); the breakdown of my little make-shift podcast studio is forcing me to reconsider how I do these, but that is the magic of Mercury turning inward, so it’s a net positive, I say.

Regardless, I haven’t figured out how to edit the transcript before I post it, nor can I figure how to edit it and then post it. I also can’t see where it says it is being posted, but it should be on the podcast page. If not, well, count me as scunnered.

So, I am going to fly without a net and agree with the AI prompting to post it, hope it shows up, and then if it does and I figure out how to edit it, I will do so, then re-post the corrected version, as I already can see there are some things appearing a bit off in the copy I was sent by the AI lords.

Still to come…


Also to come while Off the Charts is on hiatus, is a disscussion with the astoundingly polymathic T. Susan Chang, whose approach to her many disciplines, which range from policymaking to sewing Tarot-themed comforters, to teaching creative writing, to cooking, and more, is derived in part from her Classics training at Harvard University.

Although Susie’s voice might be familiar to many in this audience as a food commentator and cookbook reviewer at NPR, we’ll primarily be discussing her expertise in archetypal mythology as made practical for every day living through her latest book, The Living Tarot.

My hope is that our discussion will give you ideas for how to reframe our quotidien existence, with all its trials as well as triumphs, as an endless psychodrama where we encounter ourselves by way of encountering the Gods.

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