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Why should you care?

Why should you care?

We put three case studies to the newsworthiness test using astrology and three criteria for giving a sh*t

vol. 2 Episode 34

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I figure the mainstream media industry should be viewed with the same casual indifference that so many within it, especially those at the top, view us.

But we don’t have to discount it entirely.

To that end, in this episode, Elisabeth and I change up the format. Rather than bust through a list of headlines and then offer a forecast of what to expect in the week ahead, we take on three separate news items and parse them according to the three criteria I suggest you use to determine if some so-called news item is worth your time. And then we deconstruct their astrological signatures for more clues about what is happening at a deeper, more Cosmic level.

We’re trying this new format for a few reasons. First of all, I have been fretting that the mission statement I read out every episode is still not being fulfilled. I truly want our listeners to understand what it means to say you are the media.

It could mean that you do your own research and gather data in order to get the full story, but that’s not the heart of the sentiment. What I primarily mean when I say it, is that you are the MEDIA — you are the medium, the transformer, the means of downstepping the ensouled energies of the cosmic flow.

My belief, based on my years of observation and thinking really effing hard about all this, is that the energies are filtering through the celestial spheres, and then we, but when it reaches us as sub-lunary units, it is filtered through us yet again. This is not a top down event, however. Those energies move through us, the final mediation point, and then into our material world.

The Media, which is an industry, one with a sinister objective to distract us, even as it is disguised as “delivering news and information”, is developed in such a way that it comes between us and our experience of the world. Essentially, it seeks to replace us as the filter between the Cosmos and this local dot within it, aka our Earth.

The Media isn’t coming between us and our direct experiences because they are better at interpreting the energies of existence than we are. They are assuming that role — too often with our implicit permission. So, when I say you are the media, it’s really a wake up call to kick out the interlopers!

The Media industry wants us distracted because being distracted from our own experience means we are at worst addicted to the Media, or at the very least, reliant upon them for our experience of the world.

And the more we let the Media stay in that position, the less we can rely on our own powers to mediate the ensouled energies through us and into the world, and from the world through us and back out again.

The Media makes us dull, in other words. At least duller than we have to be. And it surely means we are that much more removed from our power.

Oh, and while we are letting the Media drain away our powers of observation and interpretation, the Media is only too happy to make money off of having distracted us by selling the rights to our attention.

This is such an egregious attack on our personal sovereignty and an abasement of the Ensouled Universe.

All these ensouled energies I am always referring to both on the show, and throughout my collected works within the News from the Ensouled Universe and docu-mental: mapping the american states of mind, are the energies that comprise the stuff of all life. All life.

Here on planet earth, the energies of All That Is, are moving through you, around you, and within you, and come from a level of omni-intelligence that I can only hope to have a nano-glint of understanding.

That’s my belief, anyway. It’s the ethos that urged me to ask Elisabeth to bring her photographic memory of the planetary patterns in mundane astrology to the show. And at least for now, her more lighthearted “astonishing synchronicities between headlines and planetary patterns” will inform the show, but will be more fully available on her website:

Then there are some practical reasons for switching up the format. We were getting listener feedback that the show would be more compelling if we had more conversations and less check lists of things to speed through like a run-away train.

And as Elisabeth wants you to know, and will explain in this audio, because Saturn demands it.

So, we pulled together three stories with national and international tendrils, and figured what they have to do with one another, and what the implications are for all of us living in a world where these things are happening. Namely, that we live in a post-truth world. Now what? How and why should you care? We subject them to the three criteria of newsworthiness.

Our three stories:

  1. A series of unprovoked rage murders by men with fire arms.

  2. An alleged leak of a mass of American intelligence with far reaching implications globally.

  3. The nearly 1 billion dollar settlement out of court between News Corp/Fox News Channel and the Dominion Voting Systems.

And then, with each story, we suggest ways to view it as though you are the media, beginning with asking yourself whether you should care.

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