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They fear death so we die instead

They fear death so we die instead

Cosmic context for our death culture and astrological insights for rising above it

vol. 2 episode 8

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When the shattered bones and sinews of 9- and 10-year-olds, and the entrails and hearts of community elders, lay mutilated at the feet of 50 senators who refuse to loosen their grip on power, there is indeed a mental health crisis in this country.

It is in the fossilized minds of these holdouts of l’ancien régime, the old and dying dynasty petrified of toppling from where it is perched at the top of our decaying system of government.

But topple, it will.

That is what Episode 8 of Off the Charts! explores.

Our democracy in its present form is a simulacrum of its intended truth and beauty. It is a classic trick of Saturn, whose commitment to time and tradition fools us into thinking what was, is now and forever what will be.

The 50’s lack of will to vote on legislation, already crafted, that would help stem the tide of weapons of war — not handguns, body-destroying weapons of war — being used to randomly kill and decimate American citizens goes beyond their slavishness to the gun lobby.

It is evidence of their abject fear of Death’s power over them.

Do they think they can outsmart it? Outrun it? Overcome it? The foolishness of their belief that power stays put in the hands of those who cling to it is coming to light.

But Saturn is also the energy of the Grim Reaper, and while Death is, appropriately so, now on our collective minds, it is the fear of its inevitability that makes The 50 and their kind crazy.

While they hide from Death behind their altars of false piety, altars not to God or whatever is holy, but altars only to themselves, we see there glistening, the shattered bodies of the children and elders The 50 have left as sacrifices to their cowardice.

Death has many faces, including Liberation. It is in this face of Death we are witnessing our splintered “leadership” fracture further into insignificant white dust.

For as current celestial patterns indicate we will continue to see, Liberation equates with the end of their reign, the end of their occupation over us.

The cosmos is signaling that it is a time of explosions, piercings, brittle shards scattering. The less aware of these powerful tides washing over humanity now, the more terrifying, random, and chaotic the world will seem.

Which is why at this time in our painful, violent history, to focus only on the potential legislation The 50 refuse to acknowledge is a potential trap.

If they sign it into law, Death will not cease to come for them, for us, or for our current system of government. Death will come, bidden or unbidden. But the forms of life it takes from us, the way in which it liberates us, the kind of commerce it and our souls might have — that is not determined. Negotiating these intimacies with Death requires a conscious awareness The 50, quaking in their secret caverns of crusty power, clearly do not possess, and show no interest in developing.

But the rest of us can develop such commerce with Death and its many liberating faces of change. What’s more, we can show others how to also accumulate the light of that kind of power.

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Photo by Zoltan Tasi on Unsplash

Elisabeth and I earnestly hope that this episode will help you find the peace and resolve to help you float atop this wave of terror that the fossilized 50 and their kind are helping transmit by remaining intractable, immovable, frozen to their shell of power.

This is a dense episode, where we are both philosophical, reassuring, and committed to using the pain of this present moment of uniquely American violence to help you develop a new perspective, one that will properly inflame your indignation, and ignite the passion of your own, individual heart and mind’s connection to the future.

That future is there, reaching through us with its potential for goodness to elevate us, even when it seems we are sinking ever lower.

In this episode, we cover the astrological, cosmic perspectives on:

  • Why in a country were mass shootings occur regularly, has the one in Buffalo, NY and in Uvalde, TX happened at this particular moment and in this particular fashion?

  • Why can we expect more of the same and when?

  • Why are violent and untimely deaths of our nation’s children inevitable in this paradigm?

  • How do current cosmological patterns ensure we will see more grasping — but also a loosening of the grip — from the fossils in Congress, especially the Senate?

  • What lessons of President Lyndon Baines Johnson’s Great Society can we anticipate as possible rising again in the next decade, and why?

  • Why are we seeing so much disruption in what has traditionally given us a sense of peace and security in our country?

  • What goodness can come out of this decay?

  • What are the cosmological roots of “disaster”, and how can we prevent it?

  • What is the harm (it’s real) in dedicating ourselves to reformation instead of making space for a new paradigm?

  • Why does the astrology of the upcoming hearings on the attempted coup of our nation on January 6, 2021, favor the truth coming to light and a turning point in our current entrenched battles for control?

  • Why are we hopeful and what sustains us?


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