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How long will the reign of Charles III last?

How long will the reign of Charles III last?

We make our prediction, and a few others in this special episode


The Imperial State Crown, to be worn by King Charles III, passed down from Queen Elizabeth II. Credit: Historic Royal Places, UK.


Why would we dedicate an entire episode to the coronation of Charles III? We’re not subjects, and we’re not even members of the Commonwealth. We’re just two American astrologers with an international audience.

The reason is that the royal family, since 1603, has made it possible to study an entire organism, that is to say generations of the same blood line, as it grows and changes over the centuries, just by way of using natal horoscopes compared to validated historical accounts.

What damned juicy fun if you’re an astrologer!

This is definitely our geekiest episode to date, packed with astrological insights for the most technically astro-minded of our audience, although we think non-astrology nerds will also enjoy what we predict. It’s also our longest episode ever, and that’s with about 20 minutes edited out!

It’s just that the royal family provides so much material for astrological study, it’s hard not to go berserk with overlaying charts, tracking the progression of each of their lives according to astrological technique mixed with actual history, and tracking how a dream can be seeded, grow, flower, and perhaps branch off in a different direction, as in the case of le Charles troisième.

We also examine the charts of the heir apparent, Prince William, Duke of Cambridge; “Citizen” Harry, the Duke of Sussex; Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex; Elizabeth II; Camilla, Queen Consort; and of course, Princess Diana; as well as a few timing charts for the coronation.

Elsabeth and I explain how we came to our conclusions, using both Quadrant/Placidus and Whole Sign Houses, respectively. We get to the same predictions in entirely different ways, and we are painstaking about telling you how we did it.

If we’re right, we’ll look stupendously keen over the next couple of years. And if we’re wrong, we’ll weep about it. Oh, the suspense…you will have to track us and see. (I think we will be seen as the former…)

Some technical vocabulary:

Anaretic degree: the 29th and last degree of any sign, the place where chaos is experienced, as there is a drive to clear up unfinished business taking place in that sign, and a need to destroy and clear out all that has been before.

Exaltation of a planet: Where the planet is seen by its host planet as being the most welcomed of all guests, and so will be given the best the host planet has to offer. For example, the Moon is seen to be exalted in Taurus, so Venus will make sure the moon in that sign is given as much ability to harmonize and make things beautiful as is celestially possible.

Or, as Elisabeth puts it: “An exalted planet is high-functioning, but is not as strong as when it is in the sign it rules. When it is exalted, it functions either as an honored guest or as though it is on a pedestal, but it may not be as fabulous as it looks…”

It’s all part of the essential dignities and debilities concept. For a more technical explanation of this, you can go here.

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