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Off the Charts: A Stellar Newscast
Woot! We're now Off the Charts!

Woot! We're now Off the Charts!

Introducing a stellar podcast dedicated to creating herd immunity to anxiety and depression

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Today marks the release of an exciting step in my commitment to creating herd immunity to anxiety and depression in this country, something I began with the sister publication to this one, docu-mental: mapping the american states of mind.

The new podcast, Off the Charts features myself in conversation with modern psychological astrologer Elisabeth Grace, a former marketing and promotions producer at NBC among other networks and film companies. Together, we analyze the news using horoscopic and other charts, giving you “aspects” on the news so you can become the one who mediates the rapid tides of change as you see fit, not be mediated by others into doing what serves their interests. We think this will help lower your anxiety about what is happening in America right now.

We explain our mission in greater detail in the podcast, so I hope you will listen, but to summarize it, the podcast is an antidote to the toxicity and mind-screw of corporate media. They make money by aggregating our attention and then selling it. That way, we are simultaneously the consumers of news, but also the product the corporate media sells, and not always to people whose intentions are in our best interests.

Adding insult to injury, corporate news just dumps shitty scary things on us and then bolts, without giving any context. It constantly thrashes our cortisol levels to be on the alert for threats that pose virtually no real harm to us. But the cortisol rush is real. So, the news frays our nerves and depletes our adrenals as it puts us on alert to things that really aren't threats.

The result is either the news stresses us out, our anxiety and depression heightened, or for some it’s just easier to just tune out. Neither state of being is helpful for actually mediating energies in the world for progress, evolution, or peace.

Purpose v. random chaos

I think it’s a fair statement that whether we’re headed for evolution or devolution, a lot of change is coming at us at an ever-increasing rate, demanding a response.

Off the Charts empowers listeners by giving the bigger context of what is going on all around us. The premise of the podcast is that the universe is not a random place, even if we can’t understand or even begin to know what is happening at higher levels, in the places beyond the beyond.

While it’s in the best interests of the “powers that be” to keep us ignorant of what might be happening beyond the little slots we’ve been taught to assume are our places in life, that doesn’t mean there is not power where we can’t see it, nor that we could be leveraging for better outcomes in our lives.

By giving an overview of current and future astro-weather, and tying it into planetary cycles historically, I believe this podcast helps you prepare for the bigger changes that are happening not just to you and others, but to the planet and all that lives here. When you see and understand the trends, based on thousands of years of observations of the heavens, you can contextualize the very real breakdowns we are experiencing in this country right now as part of something bigger, and see them as having an intelligent impetus behind them, not just random chaos where we’re all gonna die, bwaahhhhh!

Rather than get caught up in tribalism, where one side is good and the other side is bad, a phenomenon that is encouraged by corporate media executives, as Elisabeth and I deconstruct for you from our own experience, you can be more discerning about how and why people are acting the way they are.

The key is to understand:

You are the actual media. We all are.

‘Through’ us, not ‘to’ us

It is my closely held belief that the cosmos is ensouled, as I say all the time, and that the role of humans is to participate in that ensoulment, not try to separate and be dominate over it. With an awareness of the cycles of ensoulment expressing itself, people can start to anticipate energies and learn to work with and within them. It’s harder to be manipulated by people when you already know they’re coming for you!

We are the media that is between heaven and earth. Whatever is destined by the stars happens through us. Our free will is exercised when we decide to be those mediators and consciously participate in grounding what is happening cosmically.

The fates of nations and peoples are mediate by us. We are the ones who must determine what we should pay attention to, not have our attention gathered and spent by others elsewhere.

There is no woo-woo stuff that you can’t apply in a practical way in Off the Charts. You don’t even need to have an interest in astrology to get value out of what we share. And also, it’s fun. Elisabeth and I have a good rapport, and we keep it real.

To be on earth is to be of the stars. Off the Charts will help you shift your view of your place among them. I hope you will listen to the podcast and tell others about it.

Here’s what we cover in our inaugural episode of this bi-weekly podcast:

  • How does corporate media distract you from being powerful in your life?

  • How is this dynamic changing?

  • How can I possibly know what two astrologers are saying when I know nothing about astrology? (I got your back on that one)

  • What is the US “Pluto Return” and who will suffer, gain from it most?

  • What are the dates when we can see its impact? (Hint: Feb. 20 is the first of three dates)

  • What can we expect to see?

  • How can you use this information to shift your perception of what seems like random chaos?

  • Who are we to dare do this kind of forecasting? (The polite way to say “Astrology is dumb and so are you, so why should I listen to you?)

  • Lots more!

Elisabeth Grace, co-host of Off the Charts. Courtesy of Elisabeth Grace.

Off the Charts is only possible because of all the hard work that has gone into producing docu-mental, which I recently learned is actually among Substack’s top healthcare-related publications (if the metrics I just read on my dashboard are correct, anyway!). But it’s also made possible by the depth of dedication that Elisbeth has poured into creating her weekly reports that view mundane news and events through the lens of planetary transits.

Me, but a few years ago, when I was just about to start this whole journey. (Time for a new headshot, I think!)


I would like to grow Ensouled into a serious, but also fun and accessible resource for people who know there is more to life than drudgery and fear. To help with that, I have created two special offers.

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Ensouled and docu-mental represent some of the most difficult but rewarding work I’ve ever done, and without you, what would be the point? Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Peace and gratitude,


News from the Ensouled Universe
Off the Charts: A Stellar Newscast
Two corporate media renegades flip the script on the Powers That Be, using their insider's knowledge and astrology to offer perspective and analyses on world events that corporate media can't – and won't – share with you. Often funny.