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When might Putin fall?

When might Putin fall?

Plus, SCOTUS acts in Aquarian alignment, and why is the media fixated on Biden's age and not Trump's?

vol. 2 Episode 42

Vladimir Putin. Credit: S.L. Palmer.


As predicted last episode, this summer will take a sweet turn toward justice as planetary patterns are in support of preserving the democratic process, justice for all, and the power of the vote. We discuss the recent US Supreme Court’s rejection of the independent legislature theory

In astrological terms, we’re seeing how the coming two decades of Pluto in Aquarius just will not support the the purchase of certain justices fiddling around with themselves beneath those robes in that marble palace.

We also explore the intrigue surrounding the mercenary mutiny that was, then wasn’t, as the Wagner Group’s leader, Yevgeny Prigozhin, comes for Russian president, Vladimir Putin, then changes his mind. Do planetary patterns suggest the warlord might have suckered Putin out of munitions?

Regardless, what planetary patterns do suggest is that the mutiny was “too early” to take down Putin. But Elisabeth shares dates when over the next year Russia’s President-for-Life, might find that lifespan shortened. That is, if the birth time we have for him is correct.

And I want to know what the heck is the big deal about US President Joe Biden’s age, when the expected GOP 2024 presidential candidate Donald Trump is only three years younger and a lot less fit and trim.

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