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thoughtful, insightful & warm conversation... love Pepper's input... Blessings & gratitude to you both

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Thank you so much for listening, Elle!

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Can you finish the thought of when you mention Ted Cruz has Uranus at the root of his chart?

His wigginess, craziness....then you said "and so..."

Thank you!

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Hi Cecelia - thanks for listening and asking a great question! With Uranus at the bottom of his horoscope, it suggests he may experience life like a rolling stone, as it were. There's a disruptive buzz likely in matters of his early home life, and it acts out in relationships. His Mercury is square Uranus, suggesting potential brilliance and a quirky sense of humor that -- regardless of intelligence -- others will likely find provocative, for better or worse.

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wow, brilliant response.

and speedy - it is fresh in my mind as I just posted this thought to you today.

thanks very much.

love your podcast with Whitney - so much.

and your weekly emails about astrology and the news.

I am glad you two are working and delivering these efforts to all of us. thank you.

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Awww...thank you for your appreciation and your support. How did you first discover us/me/Whitney? Inquiring minds want to know!

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