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The Sound and the Fury before the Piscean Plunge

The Sound and the Fury before the Piscean Plunge

Plus: Elisabeth takes on AI

Vol. 2 episode 26

Two lovers and a waterfall
An apt image of Saturn in Pisces. Art: TheNocturnalSpirit


Things are starting to get fast and weird, if you haven’t noticed already. Has communication for you this week seemed a bit zippy zap? Have you experienced a jolting message that seemed to come out of the blue? Do you feel the urge to connect with old friends, or similarly, are you feeling the need to just purge people from your life and start fresh?

Either way, you’re likely experiencing a pressing need to sweep the stoop and step beyond the threshold with care before we lunge headlong into Pisces, accompanied by taskmaster Saturn, who teeters now at the very end of Aquarius.

When the lunge becomes the plunge, and we dive into the Piscean waters of universal love and sensitivity on March 7th, we’ll see headlines reflecting an immediate uptick in the demand to find kinder, gentler ways of communicating, and to emphasize the need to demonstrate concern for one another.

Put another way: use your hugs or you’ll be put in Time Out.

That means we’ll see, as Elisabeth and I discuss in this episode, an intensification of headlines demanding better mental health care, especially for groups of people experiencing trauma, while also getting more focused on how to actually define trauma and address it definitively and compassionately.

We’ll see more griping about wokeness, but we’ll also be looking for limits (Saturn’s specialty) on wokeness gone wonky. We’ll find prayer and spirituality will muscle in alongside extreme measures of religion, especially once Pluto arrives on March 23rd to inspect what Saturn was doing while in its (classical) home temple of Aquarius.

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Star's Magic Circle
Magic Star by earthstar01

In the meantime, there are this week’s transits to examine, and that’s what we do: all the spark and noise created by Mercury and Mars touching the voltage of Uranus meant this week was an apt time for Elisabeth to take on AI and back it into a corner on all things astrology.

In Episode 25 we told you about the New York Times reporter who engaged in conversation with Microsoft/Bing’s AI chat bot and found himself involved in a creepy, if brief, cyber-affair.

In this episode, Elisabeth takes on ChatGPT, and the transcript of that “conversation” is astounding. The poor little “person” in the machine was desperate to keep their (we’re going with gender neutrality here) new friend EG happy by calculating their astrological coordinates per EG’s request, while also reprimanding her with denouncements of how astrology is not real, until they finally give up and shuts down for a bit.

We’ll be making that transcript available to our patrons subscribers shortly.

computer loves you
Elisabeth’s new friend. Art: ObjectyDeviant.

Also, the Uranian, martial, mercurial mix was felt in Congress and in the airwaves they use to honk out their sound and fury. We get into that, especially as it occurred while Venus entered Aries – how did that trigger a little bit of, if not flirtatiousness, then validation-seeking in the news? And how will we see it manifest with a certain Congressperson as the summer waxes?

We break that down for you, and patron subscribers can expect over the next few days to have delivered to them a 25-minute special, off-the-cuff discussion Elisabeth and I had about my theory of a shadow government forming, as recent goings-on between House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and Fox News on-air personality, Tucker Carlson seem to indicate to me. Yeah, I think it’s that weird, and out of thin air, Elisabeth provides the astrology to examine it. Yikes.

We also have a meaningful discussion about how Pluto in the chart of former president, Jimmy Carter, who has recently entered hospice, can indicate the building up of powerful and powerfully beautiful structures, but will of course tear them down again, and what that might portend for the US in March.

More news about the train derailment in East Palestine and what that might mean about how the media is being manipulated, plus for patron subscribers, the surprise “I’m soon-to-be-stepping-down” speech of First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon, which I have annotated per the planetary patterns.


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That’s it for this week. It’s a Taurus moon and I need a nap.


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