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The plaintiff and the predator

The plaintiff and the predator

The astrology of why Trump is now officially a sex offender, plus why won't Hitler just leave us the hell alone?

vol. 2 episode 37

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Why do things happen when they do? It’s the central question, to my mind anyway, of astrology. How much of the moment is fate, how much is our free will?

The follow-on question to that is how do we determine how much is fixed and how much can be fluid? I have always wondered myself if when we show we are willing to show some grit, we aren’t therefore blessed with a little grace, no matter how supposedly written in the stars our fates might be.

Keep these questions in mind as you listen to this episode where we dissect how it is we anticipated that E. Jean Carroll would win her defamation suit against her serial sexual predator defendant Trump, which she did do, the tune of 5 million dollars and him finally receiving his well-earned sexual predator label for his crime.

Plus, Elisabeth shares why astrology suggests theirs was what she has called a “sticky, fated connection” between them, with E. Jean well-equipped in this lifetime to take the upper hand if he put her to the test.

And he did and she wasn’t having it.

Also, what will happen to the chicanerous Congressman George Santos (R., NY) who was charged this week with 13 counts of various federal offenses, to all of which he has pleaded not guilty.

We explain at least why astrologically speaking, he is at last finding that his actions have consequences. He might not accept them, but still. It’s astrologically in synch that he is being called out now.

And why does Hitler live on in the Zeitgeist? Elisabeth breaks it down, and we discuss when planetary patterns suggest his fascist legacy may fade. 

Plus, a few comments about the coronation of Charles III now that we have an actual time for his actual crowning.

And — lastly, why Jupiter moving into Taurus is good news for all of us who just need a break from all the heated situations surrounding us, as Mars has been putting the boil on while steaming its way through Cancer.

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