Feb 20 • 34M

The Dept of They: a train wreck of lies?

Plus, get ready for more UFOs, even if the DOD doesn't want to talk about them

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Whitney McKnight
Two corporate media renegades, Whitney McKnight and Elisabeth Grace, flip the script on the media, using their insider's knowledge and astrology to offer perspective and analyses on world events that corporate media can't - and won't - share with you.
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Dodge by SynthaRoboto.


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black high-rise building
He Looming Tower of the Powers That Be by Constant Loubier

To refresh, the Dept. of They (DOT) is our response to listeners who requested we develop practical tools for analyzing the news and better leveraging it. After all, we do need information for successfully navigating both the daily grind and our civic duties. But we don’t need that information to make us feel harassed and depleted.

With the DOT, we demonstrate how powerful people both within and around the media — aka, the Powers That Be — use skillful messaging to manipulate you. But then we counteract that with news from the Ensouled Universe by using mundane astrology to suggest what you could look for behind the game-playing and therein, locate the bigger truth.

However, we think we could be even more explicit than we’ve been. Afterall, Elisabeth and I, we’ve been around the block a few times between us, and can throw down the gauntlet on the bullshit. So, we figure we might as well lean harder on our respective skill sets as former media, journalism, and strategic communications professionals, combining them with our mundane astrology tools for even more powerful analyses.

We’ve come up with a three-step formula for helping listeners evaluate whether the news you hear or read is all that it appears to be.

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