May 13, 2022

Religion isn't real, but let me tell you what is

Plus, why astrology says Alito isn't done sharing

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Whitney McKnight
Elisabeth Grace
Two corporate media renegades, Whitney McKnight and Elisabeth Grace, flip the script on the media, using their insider's knowledge and astrology to offer perspective and analyses on world events that corporate media can't - and won't - share with you.
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vol. 2 episode 7

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Elisabeth wants to know, has anyone ever told two professional astrologers to expect major delays and snafus during periods of Mercury retrograde, especially when it comes to it being in Gemini (communication) and there is a podcast and newsletter that needs to go out?

I wonder.

Meanwhile, it seems I have nothing better to do with my life than re-record, re-edit, re-record, re-edit, and re-gret not having started this sooner in the week, but here it is, Episode 7!

It’s a lot of fun to listen to. It even starts with a joke.

Then it gets a little dark when I tell you my heavier thoughts about the pain of religion, why people with opinions are getting on my nerves, why I am so thin-skinned lately, and why you might have felt that way too this week, and how our national rates of depression, anxiety, and what’s happening in America now astrologically are related.

(And yet, we still manage to laugh throughout the episode…)

We discuss why some of that is in the rearview mirror, but don’t look now, because here come the holy rollers to crusade with a passion for the next several months as Jupiter hangs out in Aries, something I suggest means we will see more anger in the streets.

Which is going to matter as Roe v. Wade unravels.

We discuss why the important court decision is under attack now, at this moment in history, according to its own natal chart. Elisabeth reminds us how the predictions she made last episode about how women and sexuality would come under attack, have uh, neatly transpired, and what to expect next.

In fact, astrology has some very keen insights to offer about why it was Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito’s thoughts in particular about what to do with the problem of, you know, women, that got made public. Astrology also tells us when more of his private thoughts will likely be made public again, and why.

We talk about SCOTUS Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s chart, too, and how he will play into this moment of crunch time where if you meet these three criteria: 1) you have a uterus, 2) you like to be the one to decide what happens to it and 3) you vote.

And then we don’t cry over the crocodile tears shed by former staffers to the late Senator John McCain, who only now would like to inform us that they knew years ago about the corrupting influences in the Republican Party but didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. Like Senator McCain’s.

Astrology has a lot to say about that, too. And I have thoughts about the media, as you can imagine.

As for the astrology, it’s a great lesson in how to interpret Jupiter and Neptune together in a natal chart.

Lastly, I tell you a funny story about the time I rode in the Capitol Hill subway with Senator McCain.

Are there charts you might want to see to aid your comprehension of the more technical side of what we discuss here? Yes! Of course there are! See the end of this note.

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