Mar 24 • 5M

The Nordstream sabotage, bank scandals, sex trafficking, and the death of the straight line

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Whitney McKnight
Elisabeth Grace
Two corporate media renegades, Whitney McKnight and Elisabeth Grace, flip the script on the media, using their insider's knowledge and astrology to offer perspective and analyses on world events that corporate media can't - and won't - share with you.
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vol. 2 Episode 30

When the mists part and the secrets are revealed…Credit: Jon Hrubesch.


Jam-packed! That’s what we are. Whether you’re new to astrology, or like to test your own astrological observations using the tools we apply in this newscast, welcome — we’ve got you covered in this episode.

In it, Elisabeth and I give you the cosmic map to the many planetary shifts this month…so many exits and ingresses, as well as it being the start of the astrological new year, and all at the time of an Aries New Moon!

We break down for you what that means, how that has played out in the world’s headlines, and how it will continue to play out. As Pluto makes a major shift, there is an abundance of news from the underground.

We use astrology to explore whether Joe Biden ordered the sabotage of the Nordstream Pipeline in the Baltic Sea, which has contributed to higher-than-usual energy costs in Europe; what further developments will there be in the growing list of bank scandals, and how they might be tied to sex trafficking; potential developments in a scandal that has come to light, bringing shame onto US President Ronald Reagan’s legacy; and we explore the growing alliance between China and Russia…

Plus, I opine on how the universe is giving us clear signals that it means business: the past is dead, science is dead, democracy is dead, economics is dead…what will take their place? Whatever it is, it’s up to you, and the gods are ready to help. I explain why.

There is so much more, including a new Spotify song list to meet your moods during this dynamic moment in our history!

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