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More money than God

More money than God

Plus: Mars asks, 'Do you walk your talk?'

vol. 2 episode 14

“New order of the ages” reads the second of two mottos on our US Great Seal. Credit: Thought Catalog


When you hear the expression, “More money than God,” I would reckon that like me, your mental calculus tallies that as meaning someone has so much money, that individual is richer than any god or mortal could ever be.

There is more than a little validity in this perspective. Croesus (circa 585 BCE), the richest ruler ever in the Hellenistic world, loomed so large in the minds of the Greeks that when he was drop-kicked by Cyrus the Great, Croesus also was moved from man to myth, becoming a talisman of Greece’s Golden Age, literally so: Croesus was the first ruler to set commerce according to a gold standard.

Which is why another common phrase to denote someone is super-duper rich is to say, “He’s richer than Croesus.”

But, what if the semantics of this observation are to compare money and god? As in, a person chooses to have more of one and less of the other: Croesus had more money than he had God, for example. Or so we might surmise.

You can thank Elisabeth for putting that into our heads in this episode, and thus setting me off on a trail of thought that ends here in these show notes.

In actuality, the whole show is threaded with references to choosing more of one and less of another, with references both subtle and not so subtle to the shifts in how we value what money can and should do for us, and more generally, what we value and how we live those values overall.

Sins of ingressions

Comparing one to another and acting accordingly is a classic call out that Mars transiting through Gemini would make, and so, since Mars has indeed recently ingressed into this double bodied sign and is also making a trine to its host god Mercury also just ingressing into Venus’s house of Libra, we have the energy for some inspired thinking about how we can align our hearts and minds.

Meanwhile, the old guard Saturn has his own thoughts on how we think about god and money. He communicates these to us within a trine to Mercury and Mars, by house if not by degree, in preparation for his near perfect square off with Uranus, now just turning retrodrade in Taurus (home sign of personal values), in October when other transiting patterns suggest we will start to accept that indeed, our collective values require new expression.

Or, as we discuss in this episode: soon comes the time to put up or shut up.

Sinematic sweep

It is therefore no surprise that in this episode, we end up discussing why the natal chart of Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema (D), with her tense natal aspect between the old of Saturn and the new of Uranus, makes her the perfect pivot point for how the so-called “new order of the ages”, as printed in Latin on our money, is actually becoming the “old” guard soon to be pulled down by a new age with its intimations of cryptocurrency and data bytes being in the ascendant over oil.

It’s a phenomenon underscored as the two planetary gods themselves, Saturn and Uranus, are currently moving towards one another in a tense aspect, signaling to all of us here on earth that a clash is coming.

And so, Senator Sinema would of course only vote in favor of the Inflation Reduction Act if it didn’t mean — as had been originally intended — that her private equity band of secret money bros didn’t have to start paying taxes on all the pillaging of our economy they so gleefully engage in. (Pluto is currently churning away on my natal Mercury, so confident stridency is currently how I roll. Plus, I am right about this.)

Once she had the restrictions on the old guard removed, then she was fine with passage of the bill. Let the future commence, and the old guard be warned.

When Mars retrogrades in Gemini at the time of the mid-term elections in early November, we will have tangible evidence for our evaluations of how well we are walking and talking in alignment as individuals and as a nation. That’s because…

Being and becoming

We in the States are currently experiencing our collective Pluto return in the second house of money in our country’s natal chart, during a time when the Great Mutation, as we have discussed in previous episodes, means that how we express our values cannot help but change. And that change is moving from what is tangible to what is intangible.

How we have commerce, therefore, is shifting from what we can hold in our hands, to what we can only imagine with our minds.

We will still need to measure it or else, how can we trade it?

This is what is yet to be revealed, as our cycles of being and becoming continue to spin.

If we are to believe our other Great Seal motto as printed on our dollars, “Annuit Cœptis”, loosely the Latin for “it is destined”, then the gods will favor us in the end.

That’s what I believe anyway: in the grand elegance of celestial time, the cycles of life spiral up and around all that is good. That doesn’t mean it won’t pinch a little.

New moon, new meanings

This weekend is also a new moon in Virgo, and with all this emphasis on how we think, is a great time for re-seeding our thinking about what matters to us.

It’s especially a good time for this kind of introspection as Mercury, Virgo’s ruler, and the god of mind, is shadowing its imminent retrograde during the next full moon in mid-September.

What does this mean practically speaking? In concert with the rest of the transits, it could mean that you take your reflections about what matters to you, and ask yourself if your life reflects this value system. If not, it’s a good time to start devising a plan for change.

It might also mean, in that Virgoan detailed way, that as you live more deliberarely, you begin to watch your step and choose your words with more care.

Eclipsed and bewildered

Also in this episode, we talk about the many ways the eclipses manifested with proof of our predictions that they would. We bust some stupid human tricks of both legislators and astrologers, we wonder about the war on words (courtesy of Mars in Gemini) happening in some weird ways but as always, aptly reflected in the headlines, and we consider that huh, Americans are actually worried about democracy. What light can the stars shed on this phenomenon?

The Thema Mundi

There are several listener questions we just keep batting around the answers to off-mic because they lead us into such complex philosophical waters, we figure we will only confuse folks. But one question I think deserves a little bit of love. Specifically, we have a listener who wants to know if there is a natal chart for the world. And the answer is, of course, yes and no, and depends upon how you view astrology overall.

I will prepare something to share on our next episode, but until them, consider this explanation of the world’s birth chart, the Thema Mundi, written by Hellenistic astrologer, Chris Brennan.

And finally…

I am back in Washington, probably only temporarily, and the transition from the peaceful wilds of Tennessee back to the incessant noise of ahem, progress and politics in DC, has been difficult for me. The fact is that I live where excessive and loud noise is the new normal, and I am not coping well with it. I have written about my inability to deal well with noise before, if you’re interested. Of course, it’s a personal truth that I wrap up in one to do with democracy, but to know me is to love me. :)

In any case, surrounded by jack hammers and back hoes whacking at the earth and macadam as I currently am, (because eclipses!), assume I am functioning at a dysfunctional level until otherwise stated, and know that I am sorry about it and am doing my utmost best.

If you’d like to learn more about the forecast on which this podcast is predicated, or if you are simply a news junkie, then Elisabeth’s forecast is for you.

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Until next time, thank you for listening. Look up!

xWhitney and Elisabeth

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