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Men behaving badly (allegedly)...

Men behaving badly (allegedly)...

It's written in their stars

vol. 2 episode 38

Leo in the Dancing Zodiac. Credit: Aqua Sixio


What a week for astro weather! A lot of tension, hard-headedness, fiery speech, and perhaps big, deep things. Certainly, men continuing to behave badly…but also, women who’ve had enough of that crap, rising to the occasion.

We tell you more about that in this episode when we cover the grid as Mars moves into Leo, squaring Pluto in Aquarius and Jupiter in Taurus, and sits within range of the South Node in Scorpio. Imagine the pressure release once the pressure at all corners blows through.

What might we expect to see?

Things might get a bit rough over the weekend, but we might also hear some big news in sports, and other competitive ventures. For certain, in the US, the fight over the debt ceiling will continue to swell in the rising heat. Who will be the one to push their agenda through?

Also, on the heels of E. Jean Carroll’s victory over now convicted sexual predator Donald Trump, what is the astrologic to why this week, another woman is suing former New York City mayor and Trump confidante, Rudolph Giuliani (his chart is below)?

Indeed, Noelle Dunphy, who claims to have been an unpaid “aide” to America’s Mayor (cough, cough), has filed suit against him with New York State’s Supreme Court, demanding damages for sexual harassment and failure to pay her wages.

The 70-page complaint also details what she says were Giuliani’s “alcohol-drenched rants that included sexist, racist and antisemitic remarks,” as well as the secret grift sauce he and pal Trump planned to pour over a pot of presidential pardons for profit, allegedly, that is.

(That word just feels so quaint anymore in reference to these two clowns, and anyway, she is not the first to make that claim that “whoopsies wiped clear” would be for sale.)

Giuliani says Dunphy never worked for him, but she says she has the audio to back up her case. So far, said recordings haven’t been shared with reporters.

Regardless, one look at Giuliani’s chart, and it’s clear why this is happening to him now. We explain.

Plus, we deconstruct why the media and others incorrectly predicted chaos at the US-Mexico border this past week, why it is now that Australian mining magnate Gina Rinehart is simultaneously decrying immigration while stoking enthusiasm for more mines, and other bits and bobs the mainstream media can’t explain because they aren’t delivering you news from the Ensouled Universe.

Lastly, if you’re interested in reading some autobiography, here is a link to the home page of the sister publication to this one, where you can find my personal stories mentioned in this episode.

As always, for more astrological synchronicities with the news, you can visit Elisabeth’s page here.

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News from the Ensouled Universe
Off the Charts: A Stellar Newscast
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