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Off the Charts: A Stellar Newscast
How a comedian and a journalist each became astrologers:

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How a comedian and a journalist each became astrologers:

Lessons in grit and grace

vol. 2 episode 39

The many roads to following your star. Credit: Substack AI (!)


Do astrologers know from an early age that to follow their lucky star will literally mean to follow their lucky star? It is, at least in my view, a calling after all.

For Elisabeth, although she says discovered her love of astrology at age nine, the path to answering that call took years, passing through television networks and comedy clubs.

For me, it wasn’t a call I heard per se, but just one strain in the music of Nature that took me from the scrub palmettos of rural Florida (now all built over, sadly), through Capitol Hill, to in the present time being on the verge of a new adventure, but one that I do believe the stars foretold.

Amid much laughter and even a few tears, we map our respective journeys in this episode, which we recorded in an upstairs conference room at the public library in Evanston, Illinois. It was the first time in about 5 years of talking by phone and by Zoom that we actually met in person. Such are the times, so Aquarian are the nature of relationships in this Age of Airwaves.

We wandered over the terrain of how to learn to trust your gut, go with the flow, and what to do when the expectations set in place turn out to be wrong.

We swap philosophies and counter one another’s views on a few points. We review our own charts and muse over how certain events in our lives can be seen within the patterns there. And we marvel at the grace and grit that the stars reflect back to us about our lives here on earth.

We compare notes on how our previous careers and personal responses to mid-life crises

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News from the Ensouled Universe
Off the Charts: A Stellar Newscast
Two corporate media renegades flip the script on the Powers That Be, using their insider's knowledge and astrology to offer perspective and analyses on world events that corporate media can't – and won't – share with you. Often funny.