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Double trouble in half the time

Double trouble in half the time

A Mars rx speed-take on the news of the universe and a peek at a special video for patron subscribers
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vol. 2 episode 21


This time, it’s a shortened version of our usual news analysis and forecast because we have something else to share with our fabulous fans and subscribers.

First, the news: just what in the world is the whacko factor of a retrograde Neptune in Pisces square retrograde Mars in Gemini churning up from the depths? How about The tale of Matthew Mellow and his ship asail in a tragic search of the Second Coming? Or, monks on meth?

And with Uranus triggering the eclipse of November 8 across the Taurus and Scorpio axis of what is mine and what is ours, what curtain fell? Might it be upon the House of Representatives’ leadership?

Plus, a quick peek (because who wants to look for too long?) at Hitler’s horoscope and why it rose and fell this week, also in accordance with the Uranian trigger of the eclipse.

We kept it short so you could perhaps spend time with a new video we offer to our patron subscribers, where Elisabeth and I each read a chart using our two entirely different house systems. The results are rich and detailed, and according to our “client”, the winner of our contest for this reading, they were both spot on. How is that possible? We hope you will become a patron subscriber to find out.

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Ensouled: The Journal of Cultural Astronomy
One chart, two house systems
Watch now (62 min) | SPECIAL EDITION Greetings! Thank you for your support of Off the Charts: A Stellar Newscast. This special episode is just for you. In fitting Mars-in-Gemini retrograde style, it’s a comparison of two ways of thinking about a langaguage — in this case, astrology — to move a person forward when the time is right…
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News from the Ensouled Universe
Off the Charts: A Stellar Newscast
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