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'Choose your own adventure' democracy

'Choose your own adventure' democracy

Saturn enters Pisces while Pluto enters Aquarius

vol. 2 Episode 27

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Reality is a choice, apparently.

Even without ducking under a pair of virtual reality goggles, in accordance with whatever information stream you’re hooked up to, ie, your favorite info drug, you can choose your own adventure and see only what you want to see, feel only what you want to feel, and not even notice the other jamoke doing the same thing across the street.

Especially while Saturn (structure) and Neptune (fog) will, as of March 7, cohabitate the same inchoate landscape in Pisces, creating upset in the status quo while simultaneiously pointing toward opportunities for healing those who have been forgotten or harmed by the old structures and beliefs. Read: heal trauma or cleave to it.

Which one will you choose?

Covid: a lab leak or a wet bat gone bad?
January 6, 2021: an insurrection or a peaceful protest?
The Biden administration: a coup or a democratically elected one?

Who cares? Which version makes you feel special? That’s the one!

And if that sounds spooky, then better call Ghostbusters because this split between worlds we see and worlds we don’t, isn’t going to diminish. It’s only going to make the Zombies among us more aggressive because their poison streams will be turned up to ten while the structures that used to hinge us all to the same reality will dissolve.

With dramatic Pluto moving next door to these two heavies, as it will when it settles down into Aquarius for a a few months this year, and then again from 2024-2044, revolution will be a common theme. Drastic change might not unite us, but it will impact us in equal measure, leaving whoever is most skilled at navigating nothing and everything at the same time to derive the most benefit — and also, I suspect, the most pleasure — out of the weirdscape we are about to enter.

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For reference, the last time Pluto was in Aquarius, the world’s mightiest monarchies were toppled, if not wholly, in still such an apocalyptic fashion — the French cut off their heads, don’t forget! — that depending upon which side of the ocean you lived, you were either a subject of the crown or a free citizen (unless you were black, indigenous, a woman, or any combination of these, but why be picky?).

Democracy is due for an overhaul.

This time it won’t be the ocean that divides us, but Rupert Murdoch. Or whatever and whoever provides the stories we use to identify ourselves and shape our world view.

Which is to say, you’re either going to be a subject of the billionaires who control mass media, and who vampirically suck their blood money from hordes of people resembling the undead; or you can be a free citizen. You can choose to believe what you’re told, or you can learn to discern what is truth for yourself, and act accordingly.

That is the theme, more or less, of this episode, and will continue to be the theme for a while yet to come as we continue to expose how corporate media is not about serving you and your best interests. Tuning into yourself and your own experiences for the actual news of your life and of the ensouled universe, is in your best interests.

Animal jail breaks and healthcare collapse

This episode also includes stories about how Saturn will call us to consider how we treat other sentient beings. To wit, Elisabeth shares stories of strange animal jail breaks…what are they trying to tell us? We discuss what I believe is the coming collapse of the US healthcare system, and other uh, tidbits.

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If you’re a patron subscriber, be on the lookout this weekend for an outtakes exchange between Elisabeth and me about the Wuhan lab leak theory. My conclusion about it is based on experience, not a dogmatic browbeating; I believe my process is more important than my conclusion, because sometimes you have to accept you will never know something conclusively. It’s called adulthood. It’s also called faith.

Also, Elisabeth reviews the astrology of another horrendous train wreck, this one in Greece.

Plus, the annotated Nicola Sturgeon speech, and some cunning AI transcripts from Elisabeth who has been charming her ChatGPT bot into falling for astrology.

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What if two streams of consciousness were to get in synch…?

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