Feb 11 • 20M

Charting the news: Zuckerberg, Romney, Xi

Plus, why does the ACA endure, while the FTC scrambles?

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Whitney McKnight
Elisabeth Grace
Two corporate media renegades, Whitney McKnight and Elisabeth Grace, flip the script on the media, using their insider's knowledge and astrology to offer perspective and analyses on world events that corporate media can't - and won't - share with you.
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Emperor of the Metaverse? Credit: Construction of the Aqueduct, by GoldieSakel.


Hello lovelies. Thanks for all the support as Elisabeth and I go weekly. Here’s a bit of lagniappe for your enjoyment.

As you will remember, if you’ve already listened to Episode 24, we had a discussion about Meta founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, and his claim to be the reincarnation of the failed Roman emperor, Nero. That inspired Elisabeth to summon up his natal horoscope and interpret it on the spot, plus tell you what nefarious, I mean persuasive, gumption he will likely be getting up to in the near future. I cut the chat from the full episode, and saved it for this special outtakes issue.

Same thing for what we can expect to see in the coming months with the failed Republican presidential candidate, Utah Senator Mitt Romney, who exchanged words with known liar (and that is all we know for certain about him), the failing Republican Congressman from a district on Long Island and Queens, George Santos.

And what about that failed attempt to sail a spy balloon (a balloon?) over our nation by China’s President Xi Jingping’s millitary, which possibly, it’s not clear, went rogue? Where will that lead President Xi, and what will the implications for the US State Dept. be? Elisabeth has insights.

And that scintillating discussion about the Federal Trade Commission we had in Episode 23 (c’mon, you know you loved it!)? We discuss how astrology suggests that the Affordable Care Act has a better chance of performing over the long haul than does the FTC, whose chart is just well, so challenged, failure might very well be its sad destiny.

I emphasize failure because it is a fact of cycles, and cycles are the field of study of astrologers. When we know how to anticipate cycles, we can ride them with skill, and life becomes richer as we navigate the rough and the smooth, focusing less on there-there, and more on the qualities of the journey. Failures are just part of life.

If you’re not already a patron subscriber to Off the Charts: A Stellar Newscast, now’s the time to become one, as we are offering 25% off our annual subscription rate through March 7th when Saturn enters Pisces. After that, weekly podcasts and special outtakes like this one will only be available to patrons.

Elisabeth and I are mission-driven reporters and producers, renegades from the corporate structure that needs you dependent upon it for its survival. Our heart-felt desire is for you to know your own mind and to use it to mediate the powers of the universe, instead of letting the media tycoons colonize your headscape.

This is our job, and we hope you will see fit to pay us for doing it well. Thank you!

Below are the charts Elisabeth cast for this special segment.

Have fun and, Go Eagles!!!

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