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Astrology, policy, and the nature of reality

Astrology, policy, and the nature of reality

Plus: can the US Dept. of Defense do its job?
The first ship
What will be the nature of reality amidst waves of great change? Credit: The First Ship by RinwenVilye


It seems that, right on time, the question of what is the nature of reality and to what level of control we personally have over it is in the news and other media at the moment, which of course means that’s the focus of this episode. Afterall, we do know our Zeitgeist, says the humbly bragging pair of astrologers…

From the heavens’ perspective, the times should reflect a Venus (values, what we love, what we invest in) Neptune conjunction (what might poison, delude, enchant, purify, sanctify, or possibly even kill us) quickly followed by a slap down of reality the next day as Sun (personal agency, leaders, heart and health, among other things) meets Saturn (streamlines, controls, seriousness) in Aquarius, Saturn’s own temple of what might be novel and innovative, but still must benefit the All, not just the You.

There also has been this week, an intensely focused energy of digging deep to unearth keys to the previously inscrutable, that is to say, Mercury (how we need to think) meeting up with Pluto (extremes, underground, relentless) in Capricorn (methodical, organized, ambitious).

And so, that is what this show is full of: the people and events in the headlines that demonstrate how these energies show themselves.

There is also a discussion that weaves together all the conjunctions, and focuses on something I wrote in my flagship publication, docu-mental, about why it’s time we bring our freakiest science fiction ideas to the policymaking table. At the time I wrote it, and flew my own nutty idea about what might have happened to make humans go astray, I wasn’t thinking of astrology, I was just writing from the center of my need to think in a deeply weird but deeply practical way.

But Elisabeth read what I wrote and in this episode, offers up a tidy and compelling analysis of how what I am saying reflects the dawning outer-planetary patterns that will gradually usher in less empiricism and more virtual reality in all walks of life, just as the Great Mutation suggests. And this leads to a juicy back and forth about the nature of reality, philosophy, and astrology.

And also, we turn our attention to the Department of Defense. Why? Because after the success of our FTC segment in episode 23 (success as in we predicted the news would arrive how and when it did given the horoscopic implications of the FTC’s power to act), we thought more regular tracking of our federal agencies would be useful.

What we found in the DOD’s natal chart startled us.

I love efficiency, so I almost hate to admit this, but the making of this barely one hour-long show took about 30 hours to create. We recorded it twice because we weren’t sure what was best to include. In the end, we didn’t really go as deeply into everything as we perhaps should have, but that has been a happy mistake, reflecting my personal belief that nothing done with love is ever a waste of time.

We now understand that the deeper dives we don’t make time for in our weekly podcast can lead to richer premium content for our patron subscribers. We’re now discussing how we can offer our patron subscribers longer in-depth analyses of politics and economic trends in order to leverage the best of our respectively rich and varied careers, and our passion for politics and policymaking.

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As an example, the brief and discrete discussions in this episode about the secret letters written in code by the imprisoned Mary Queen of Scots and the surprise-resignation of Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, two embattled Scottish female leaders, actually are connected in ways we don’t make clear in this episode, but we will in an upcoming patrons-only podcast.

Similarly, while trying out a new and improved Department of They that I hoped would give you practical tools for deconstructing the news in your life outside of listening to us, we realized there is no way to do that and make it short.

But for those of you who really do want practical tools for how to leverage the news to improve your ensouled life, and because the creation of the segment was in response to a listener suggestion, we realized many members of our audience would be willing to pay for it.

So, we will now be breaking that out as a patron level perk.

What I am really getting at here, friends, is that what started as a lark is now patently manifesting as a source of news and analysis you want and need. Elisabeth and I are starting to grok (a sci fi word made mainstream!) how important the work we are doing is, and how our listeners value it. This is not avocational for us. It’s our calling, and we take it seriously.

As I note in this episode, there is so much excellent (as well as really crapola) free astrology content available in the world, so asking you to pay for what we do means we really need to give you something extraordinary. And we aim to!

Don’t forget that we are running a 25% off special for annual subscribers through March 7, 2023. If you purchase a subscription now, you will not miss a single one of our weekly podcasts, and will have access to our growing library of additional audio, video, and print resources.

If you’d like to read the forecast that inspired this podcast, visit Elisabeth’s site:

Grace Astrology

And if you’d like to read and hear more thoughts that emerge from my Mercurial, Plutonic, Earthy mindscape, you can find me here:


Thank you for coming along with us!

xWhitney and Elisabeth

Something to give you a sparkly little giggle, a moment of Star Dust that spills out of how the conjunction of a kinder, gentler Venus softened by Neptune, means there must be rules when you slap fight someone under a Sun/Saturn transit!

Slap fight league regulators try to make matches safer

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