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Angry words, beer, and maybe some more beer

Angry words, beer, and maybe some more beer

Plus: we're going weekly!

vol. 2 Episode 22


Why do I emphasize adult beverages?

To celebrate Elisabeth’s on the nose prediction that Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, perhaps our most prominent federal official to publicly aver a fondness for beer, would right about now find himself having to face his past, soberly or not.

That’s because, as we discuss in this episode — the final one of our first year of podcasting! — a surprise documentary detailing the justice’s reputation for (alleged) drunken assaults on women, as told by multiple victims and witnesses, has now come to light.

The film, simply titled Justice, is, as Elisabeth would say, astonishingly in sync with patterns in what we know of Kavanaugh's horoscope. What can we expect to witness unfold soon for the judge? Elisabeth makes the case that the patterns that follow over the next 18 months might not be so drink-and-be-merry for the SCOTUS frat boy.

Brett Kavanaugh, giving Congress a lecture on anger:

Other than that, this episode feels like we were shot out of a cannon, because that’s how excited we are to be back in action (and we recorded during an Aries moon, so it was all go-go-go!)

We also look at why it is now, and not previously, that classified documents didn’t start showing up in places where they shouldn’t be, and how that might continue to play out for certain officials.

And, why is now the time for Dolly Parton to introduce her new line of baking goods while in her new song, Don’t Make Me Have to Come Down There, she also threatens to open up a can of Whup Ass on the world if people don’t get their act together? Elisabeth has the low-down.

Plus, we have a new Department of They that we hope inspires you to feel good, not gloomy, about the state of the world. In it, we remind us all that no matter who is screaming from the halls of justice (or Congress), there is a calmer truth we can access. We believe the future is bright, and truth will prevail, or at least peek its head out of the clouds this year. Why? Because Pluto is about to pull a Dolly and show us the potential power of being good to one another, as we detail in this episode.

Speaking of being good to one another…

Thank you for being such avid listeners and supporters! Next month we will have been bringing you Off the Charts for a full year. We started this podcast just to see what we might be able to do with our respective takes on the stars and the news, and it turns out folks like it.

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And because it’s Friday, and we’d like to end with a keg half full:

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