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…where we explore humanity's relationship with the sky. We’ve always had one. Before Don’t Look Up, we were always looking up. We saw stars we since have forgotten exist. We were attuned to the moon cycles that ruled our seasons and our food production. We could note which planet was the morning star and when it would rise and set. We used the stars to get around, to explore.

We were connected.

Ensouled is my teeny tiny attempt to recover what we lost when we severed ourselves from the sky and the seasons it once marked for us.

The place where you are the media

Ensouled’s Off the Charts: A Stellar Newscast, features me, a former Capitol Hill and antitrust reporter turned professional astrologer, together with Elisabeth Grace, a former writer and producer for several national news networks, as we help our podcast audience tune into the “news from the Ensouled Universe,” where cycles within cycles suggest there is a greater consciousness enfolding us, moving through and around us, a larger intelligence that extends beyond what we could ever possibly imagine.

We offer a viable alternative to the corporate media model that manipulates citizens into working against their best interests, as we frequently make clear to listeners with our regular feature, The Department of They (the DOT).

The driving ethos here is that the Cosmos is conscious, with creative urges of its own.

Instead of submitting to the disconnections of our current linear paradigm, Ensouled is intended to inspire realizations and conversations that will reconnect us to ourselves, to each other, and to the Cosmos.

If you’re interested in learning booking Whitney as a guest speaker or source, or if you’d like to schedule an appointment, visit the Ensouled Consulting website.

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Anthropological considerations of the cosmos. Often funny.


Whitney McKnight
After 30+ years writing about healthcare antitrust law, federal health policy, clinical psychiatry, and other medical disciplines, I realized I believed other things than what the status quo endorsed. Now I ask much better questions.
Elisabeth Grace
Stay tuned — my clock sprang forward today, but my brain hasn’t caught up yet.